Storm Damage?

Between ice, snow, wind, hail, and tornadoes, mother nature hits our trees hard. When she does, call Cole's Tree Service to patch up your trees and clean up their debris.

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Need Trees?

Do you have a tree but don't know the best place for it? Did you know that a poorly placed tree can damage your foundation? Do you know which types of trees are good for your yard and the Oklahoma climate? We do!

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Sick Trees?

Disease, fungus, and insects can wreak havoc on a tree and can quickly spread to nearby healthy trees. We put all our knowledge to use to cure sick trees and bring them back to health.

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For all your tree service needs call Cole's Tree Service....

Whether it's cleaning up storm damage, healing a sick tree, pruning an existing tree, or planting a new tree
Cole's Tree Service has the right team for your job!

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About Us

Service Oklahoma since 1965

Our history is rich with knowledge and understanding of customers’ needs about services for tree care and tree maintenance. Mr. John E. Cole started Cole’s Tree Service in 1965. As a young girl, his daughter, Annette worked beside him, learning everything he knew to teach her...about trees. Rounding out her studies in horticulture at Oklahoma State University in Oklahoma City, OK., Annette became a professional arborist. Cole’s Tree Service became her business. While in seventh grade Annette Cole’s eventual husband Doyle Tipton did the heavy lifting for her dad. The couple grew up in the tree business...and it shows.

People tend to think of using a tree service after storm damage has occurred and there is a mess to clean up. Arborists do much more. We keep trees healthy and help to keep them from breaking and falling. We prune, spray, feed, and irrigate them so they grow correctly and beautifully to last a lifetime and for generations. Our crews come to us with skills; each is trained by Annette. Our services are performed using sound equipment, standard safety practices, and a high level of excellence.


Cole's Tree Service provides a full range of tree services that protect your most important asset... Your Home and Property.

Cleanup & Planting

  • Storm Response
  • Tree Removal
  • Stump Grinding
  • Soil Analysis
  • Tree Planting


  • Tree Trimming
  • Spraying
  • Feeding
  • Disease Management
  • Tree Bracing

Why choose a professional service:

Arborists such as Annette Cole practice arboriculture, which is the study, cultivation, and management of individual trees, shrubs, and vines. It also includes care of other perennial plants. We focus on the health and safety of individual plants and trees and property protection.


Don't wait to get your trees in shape. Call us now....

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Our team consists of climbers, pruners, sprayers, grinders, haulers, and workers who clean up the messes. Instead of trying to do all these jobs yourself, put our team to work for you TODAY!